The Marketing

Marketing is the one of the most important criteria to keep a business sustainable. It’s no doubt that many companies are spending a lot of budget on marketing in hope that it will bring more favorable returns in the future. However, in traditional marketing, despite its promising large audience, it does not guarantee that the large group of audience reached has a large possibility to purchase. And this is why digital marketing is so much embraced and practised by most of the leading businesses right now.

Why Digital Marketing?

While consumers now are spending most of their time online, many marketing efforts have been redirected to digital to effectively reach the consumers. Indeed, technologies have given a huge impact on all aspects in our lives especially in communications. And most leading companies are always the most adaptive, innovative, and creative in operating the business as well as conducting their marketing. The truth is, with advancements in communications, digital marketing has since become one of the most effective and well-known strategies for businesses to secure a group of profitable consumers. This is as digital marketing enables a more accurate marketing at a lower cost —— thus enhancing its marketing value and business profitability.

Benefits of Practising Digital Marketing

❏ Managing multiple data sources

❏ Gaining insights from data analytics

❏ Making data-driven and informed decisions

❏ Marketing individually and locally

❏ Customising marketing messages

❏ Personalising buying experience at your stores

❏ Delivering right message to the right audience

❏ Selling at the right time though the right channel

❏ Minimising marketing cost while maximising sales performance

Digital Marketing Platforms

To name the most popular digital marketing platforms, Facebook and Google are ones that will pop up in the mind first. Indeed, almost everyone knows what Facebook and Google are; and the users of both platforms have achieved more than billions itself.

Facebook Ads

Having Facebook Ads are good to targeting a large pool of people. With the features to filter the target audience, it helps to navigate your ads to reach only the group of consumers who are matching your requirements. Another good news is that Facebook does not limit the minimum ads budget and campaign period. You’re all good to set an ad for only one day with only few dollars —— and Facebook will work for the best and within your budget.

Google Ads

Google Ads are more intent-based compared to Facebook Ads. Since people type based on what they’re looking for, it adds another layer of value as the consumers are already planning on getting what you’re selling. With optimised ads content, there’s no problem in getting people to visit your store or page and completing the purchase with your business.