Be on Top of the Google search results

People are bombarded by millions of information every day. To stand out from the clutter, all you have is just a few seconds to catch their short span of attention. With such limited time given, being the first Google Ad to be seen is the key to win over the customers. Otherwise, no one cares about your business.

To win first is to be seen first, on Google.

Why Google Ads?

Charging Cost Per Click

Every dollar you spend brings you an opportunity to sell. Google Ads charge according to the number of clicks generated, hence adding a promising value to your ads on Google. No click, no charges.

Targeting Only The Right Customers 

When what you offer is what they search, there come your potential customers and business deals. Instead of placing an ad at somewhere without knowing who views and who doesn’t, Google Ads target only the right customers for your business.

High Visibility

Who doesn’t know Mr.Google? In fact, More than 90% of online buyers do their research first through search engine before making a purchase. The best time to target them? Before they make up their mind!

Customisable Content

Advertise locally or globally? Why not both? Google Ads provide your business the speed and ease to customise your ads text for different target groups of customers. In just a few seconds, a new Google Ad is ready to be published. Because Google is always ready.

Measurable Results

Which Google Ads are getting more clicks? Why is the Google Ad getting more clicks? Which groups of customers are contributing more clicks? Everything you need to know for a more accurate and successful targeting is provided on Google. With Google data analysis, the complex numbers are turned into the easy-to-read information for your clearer understanding.

What do we need from you?

A ‘hook’ — The landing page

It could be a website or webpage specially designed and optimised for ads campaign. Make sure your ‘hook’ is sharpened to generate the information needed to boost for higher conversion rate.

A ‘shield’ — The Google Account

Google Account is required to access the Google Ads platform. With Google Account created, the ‘shield’ will always have your back.

Get your ‘hook’ and ‘shield’ ready, then you’re all set to go fight against your competitors. And Sorable provide Google Ads Service will be the General that leads you to the winning game.

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