In today’s competitive market, stepping up the game is the next step to outperform the rest. Merely relying on walk-in customers, call-in bookings, and manual work is not the way to do it anymore. To simplify the management, optimise the operation, and maximise the profitability; Sorable Cloud System is the element you lack in your hair salons to achieve more than just enough.

How does Sorable cloud system help?


Knowing who are your customers and what services they usually enjoy is important in formulating your targeting and marketing strategies. However, to collect customers’ data using a physical paper and to store all collected documents in the salon is not a very smart move to be continued. It will not only be eating up your time but also your space and other related resources.

Sorable Cloud System provides a platform to collect and store all your customers’ data with the greatest data security guaranteed. From collection to retrieval of data and information, the process itself takes less than 10 seconds to complete. Instead of wasting time to manually collect, store, and look for your customers’ data, the Sorable Cloud System provides your hair salons the speed, ease, and convenience to manage the whole operations and management.


Call-in booking is good but not the best. Having missed call happens sometimes due to the lack of manpower or busy traffic in the salon itself. And to continue having this issue in the long term, it will not only miss out some of the profitable customers but also will worsen the overall customer’ relationship and retention. To give every booking or

customer the same level of attention, having an online booking platform is the better alternative towards call-in booking.

Sorable Cloud System provides a platform to help manage bookings and enquiries. Freeing up the time in answering the calls and scheduling the appointments, Sorable Cloud System allows more flexibilities and mobilities where remote management and customisable automation is enabled. Prioritising every customer and arranging every booking accordingly, Sorable Cloud System helps to improve the overall customer’ interaction, communication, and retention in the long run.


It’s not about sending a standardized promotional message to all customers anymore. To better enhance customer relationships, individual marketing is the key criterion where all the promotional and marketing information is made personalised to the respective customers itself. However, to email or SMS one by one, it will only be wasting your time and manpower.

With collected customers’ data, Sorable Cloud System enables the function to send a personalised message to all respective customers simultaneously —— providing the speed, ease, and convenience in conducting individual marketing. And the time saved from manually doing email/SMS marketing can be spent on the other more important tasks.


Minimising the costs while maximising the performance, what’s the better alternative than integrating cloud system in managing your hair salons? Equipped with the power to enable remote and multi-store management, Sorable Cloud System provides

synchronised data and instant notifications among all authorised users —— hence allowing more flexibilities and mobilities in operating the business.

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